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The Leadership Secrets program is broadcast weekly on KICC TV SKY 591 which reaches no less than 55.5 million homes across Europe and into North Africa and parts of the Middle East.  MHWM is blessed to be part of the KICC family.

Leadership Secrets is our weekly television broadcast hosted Bishop Michael Hutton-Wood.  In his characteristic humorous but insightful style, teaches the undiluted word of God, and seeks to motivate and inspire real change so you can discover your purpose and release your potential to maximize your destiny to the glory of God. 

Our mission is to save the lost at all cost, depopulate hell and populate heaven with souls that have experienced in full, the new birth, renewal of mind; to produce believers walking in the fullness of their Godly inheritance, divine health, prosperity and authority to take their homes, communities, cities and nations for Christ and occupy till Christ returns.

KICC TV Sky 591                                                         Tuesdays 3.00pm

                                                                                        Saturdays 5.30pm

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